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Support Cancer Research, Not Offset Cancer Costs

Let me put this out there right at the beginning. I am going to come across as a dick in this post. I don’t care. We Americans are stupid about lots of things. We love mixing alcohol and guns. We love all the scandalous personal details about celebrities. We believe politicians about how they care about the average American. We believe that bigger equals better. And the final thing that I am going to mention here is this: we donate money to help offset the costs of people who get cancer. That is probably the stupidest thing that I have written here. Why? Because it doesn’t do anything to fight this scourge of a disease.

Cancer has been around for over 2000 years. The ancient Greeks are the first to label cancer. It is believed that the Ancient Egyptians also were afflicted with cancer throughout their history. The treatment for cancer has changed and evolved since then. And yet, it is a disease that we have not been able to solve because of it’s ability to be benign, interact with our blood, and attack the body from the inside. Technology is helping us figure out this disease and yet, now we might have the cure for some forms of cancer be pushed further into the future due to cuts in scientific research by the United States government.

And while the fight for funding through the government needs to have high importance, there is also private funding that needs to be increased. And that is where we need to focus. Let me ask you something? Do you know of a family member who has died from cancer? I do. I know 5 of my family members that have died due to cancer or complications that came from the disease. I know that none of my family members had fundraisers to help with their medical costs. And that is fine. And yes, I do begrudge those that have fundraisers held for their medical costs. And I think that those who give funds to those fundraisers are throwing their money away. (Told you that I am going to be a dick.) In fact, you stupid idiots need to figure out something. You are just allowing this disease to kill more people.

Let me give you an example. I lived in Jamestown, ND for 16 years. The Relay for Life organization used to be huge there. For a town of 15,000 people, the organization used to have their Relay for Life attended by over a thousand people. The fundraising used to be over $10,000 per year easily. And then something happened. People started to wonder why the funds raised didn’t stay local. The community started to wonder why the American Cancer Society needed money to go to their headquarters and why they didn’t see what their money was going to. So, R.M. Stoudt, the local Ford Dealership, decided that they would do a 5k run for a fundraiser and all funds would go to people in the local community to help defray their costs associated with the cancer that they have. That is great. They raise thousands of dollars for those people. Guess where none of that money goes? Cancer research. So while the Relay for Life fundraiser might raise about half of what it did back in it’s heyday, some of that money goes towards research to cure this disease. While the run from R.M. Stoudt does none of that. Let’s look at what happens in 20 years. The R.M. Stoudt fundraiser does nothing to figure out a cure, but the ACS fundraiser does. If you want to eliminate cancer, which one do you support?

It is time for Americans to stop being idiotic and figure out that we need to fund research that will eventually lead to a cure for cancer. If we continue to to do the tribal thing that Americans do, we will allow more of our fellow Americans to die because we are worried more about our town or area instead of the entire population. And this problem isn’t a local problem. Yes, it might mean that some people in our communities will have a little bit more problems with their financial situation. But people in fly-over country shouldn’t care due to the voting patterns that we see there and the politicians that they vote for. The time has come to eradicate this disease. The only way we do this is if people stop worrying about being butt hurt and financing the research.


Various Mini-Rants

  • Today is the Electoral College Vote. Whatever happens, the Republic gets a black eye. Either we reaffirm that the public is gullible and the founding fathers were somewhat right when they believed that the people are stupid, or we get someone else from the college and the rules are rewritten in how to win the Presidency. Both outcomes suck.
  • The national GOP needs to watch what happens in North Carolina. I have a feeling that the blatant political bias that the GOP did there in restricting power for the incoming Dem governor and providing a cushy gov’t job for the outgoing GOP governor’s wife will hurt them in the near future. I believe that the GOP of North Carolina will get hit hard by the courts.
  • A tip to Democrats that are whining that the FBI and Russia got Donald Trump elected. Could be. But maybe you should look at your candidate who decided that she didn’t need to make her voters feel wanted in Wisconsin and Michigan. Maybe instead of worrying about turning Arizona into a battleground state, you should have made the voters in your “Blue Wall” states feel like they play a big part in your plans when you become president and not take them for granted.
  • In North Dakota, they get a governor who ran as a person who would change the government and eliminate the career politician. Can you imagine what happened? Yep, like Donald Trump, the newly elected governor kept the people that were already there. Nothing like saying that you will change the political climate from what your party that controls the political climate has been doing and then doing nothing. Talk about hubris. And when will the people start to realize the shell game that a political party that has all the power has been playing against them?
  • Finally, how can you take seriously a man who in a month’s time will be leader of the free world and has to trust what the intelligence agencies of the United States tells him but at the current time argues that those same intelligence agencies are wrong when they say that Russia intervened in the United States election? I would listen to the argument against it, but all I get is an upright Cheeto that blusters about how everything that he has done and will do is going to be great. President-elect Trump, either provide evidence or shut the hell up.

Stupidity In The Washington State Legislature

I know that I do not live in Washington. The only time that I did, I was stationed at Ft. Lewis. I also believe that most people in the state are sane and take a pragmatic view of the world. But there are at least 3 legislators that are a fine example of stupidity. And I believe that they don’t even know it.

Why would I say those things? http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnist/nancy-armour/2016/12/13/washington-state-guns-sports-stadiums-seahawks-mariners/95395396/

Have any of these idiots seen what goes on at a NFL stadium? Fights, pushing, taunts, cheap shots, drinking, and people who think being there means that they don’t have to take responsibility. And those are just the paying fans. So the fact that these three twits have decided that they want to allow people with concealed weapons permits to bring in firearms to arenas and stadiums to watch games can be described as a fucking idiotic move. Christ, you are asking for 350 people to die during a three hour football game. And that is a conservative estimate. You get guns at a Cowboys-Redskins or a Raiders-Chargers game and half the players might be casualties.

The only way that you could do this is to change the culture of America. Make the culture one that comes down hard on violence with weapons. And I don’t mean the stand your ground crap. There would be no stand your ground. No feeling that the person that you shot dead made you fear for your life unless there is no escape, and that means every exit for you is blocked except going right through that individual. And if he doesn’t have a firearm, have fun in your State Pen except in rare circumstances.

I am tired of these No Limits on the 2nd Amendment, but there has to be limits on the other Rights in the Constitution. Decide whether or not there are limits to every right or not. And if there is not, then where do your rights end and the next person’s rights begin? Until people like these three representatives decide on that question, they need to stop with the stupid bills.