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I Agree With Rob Port About The Need To Diversify The Media

Rob Port over at the Say Anything Blog (@robport) on twitter or sayanythingblog.com wants the National media to be more diversified. On this, I agree with him. I believe that the national media should be more diversified. I also believe that the regional and local media should be more diversified as well. I agree with him that every article or story written has a purpose to influence you and that it might not be trying to persuade you to the political bent that you subscribe to. But where I disagree with Rob is the lack of Conservative voices out there.

Go to talk radio. Dominated by conservatives. Look at newspapers, dominated by conservatives. Look at TV. It does lean more centrist, but it is becoming more and more conservative. Why? Because the conservatives have had a better messaging product for the past 30 years than the Democrats. And yet we hear about the Elite Liberal Media. Why? Because it is always better to say that there is a bad thing causing you problems instead of telling people that are listening to you that they might have a bad idea that they are cling to.

Where I live now, it is deeply Red. Actual Liberal news doesn’t make it here. The national broadcasts aren’t Liberal, no matter what anybody tells you. I see commercials every night to tell my Congressperson that they need to support our current President. I see commercials on my TV, that we need to eliminate the forces of evil to let our current President Make America Great Again. On the local news, I hear about why the Farm Bill needs to pass and why we need the Ethanol tax break. I also hear about how businesses need tax breaks to survive. Doesn’t sound Liberal to me. In fact, it sounds Conservative to me. Why isn’t the question about how we diversify the local and regional media? Or how about where are the actual left-wing talking points in the news?

I am still waiting for a broadcast news story about how the American people need Unions to make a comeback. Or how we need to ensure that each and every worker needs a 30 hour work week or that Universal Healthcare is a God-given right. Then I will listen to how the national media is Liberal. But if you believe that the media is Liberal, then you have bought the talking points of Republicans. But you are not facing facts.