Trump’s Muslim Ban Meme

I just read a meme on Facebook that I shook my head at. Here is what it said:

Here are some FACTS about “TRUMP’S MUSLIM BAN”

  1. It’s not a “BAN.” It is a 120 day suspension in the processing of visas, intended to give the government time to emplace better vetting procedures.
  2. It’s not directed at “MUSLIMS”. It is directed at all individuals, Muslim or Non-Muslim, from 7 dedicated countries. Approximately 90% of the World’s Muslims are totally unaffected.
  3. The countries were not put on a list by Trump. In fact, these countries were designated by the Obama Administration…

Three Words – Three Lies

But let’s not let the facts get in the way of being outraged!


There is so much wrong here. Let me start with one that I am confused about. The 3 words – 3 lies thing. What 3 words? What 3 lies? If you read all 3 statements, you understand that #1 is a big lie. #2 is a lie due to the exceptions carved out of the ban. #3 I can’t label as truth or a lie, but given the current Administration’s penchant for alternative facts, I lean towards a lie. Now let me explain why the statements are lies.

#1. The President called it a “Muslim Ban.” So why not take him at his word. Hell, Rudy Guiliani said that the President wanted to pass a Muslim ban but wanted it to be legal like. But yet that isn’t why #1 is a lie. People who have valid Green Cards and other visas to get into the country were harassed, detained, and turned away in our nation’s airports. That is not a suspension in the processing of visas. That is denying people from those 7 countries entry into the country. They have went through at least 18 months of investigation and scrutiny to live here. If you want additional security information on people from various countries, great. But the fact that they decided to ignore the rights of those who should have been allowed to come into the country without harassment and in the case of one person that claims that the turning away of people caused his mother to die due to the fact she couldn’t get into the United States for life saving surgery is one big fat lie about “suspending the processing of visas”. The visas had already been given.

#2. Read the Executive Order. There are exceptions for Christians and other minorities. So, it is not directed at all individuals. And the fact that President Trump has also said that they would be willing to issue more executive orders for countries that they want to do more intrusive vetting and all information points towards other Muslim countries doesn’t make me feel like it is directed towards countries that need it like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. How about putting a couple of those more extreme vetting proposals towards Russia who at least tried to play a part in the 2016 Presidential election and towards Israel who has had more spies caught spying on the United States over the past decade than any other country?

#3. So now we are going put this at the feet of President Obama. I think not. Growing up in South Dakota, I heard from the politicians here and the general public about “personal responsibility”. A woman gets pregnant, she needs to take personal responsibility for her actions and have the child. A young person gets in trouble with student debt, they need to take personal responsibility for signing the loan papers and work harder to make those payments. A President signs an Executive Order, they need to take personal responsibility. President Trump signed the order, he needs to take ownership for everything that happens because of that action.

But let’s not let facts get in the way of the Alt-Right propaganda that we are supposed to swallow and not question. Because living in the real world has become something that not enough people are doing.




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