News is all about bad things

It is just past midnight on December 21st, and I just clicked on the USA Today website to look at the headlines, and I just shook my head. Looking at the headlines, here is what I saw:

  • Berlin attack latest in disturbing terror trend
  • Mexico is in mourning: 29 dead, 50 hurt after fireworks blast
  • Body found believed to be of ex-Bridalplasty contestant
  • He said he planned to kill Trump. But someone else died.
  • How Idaho football player became a bank robber
  • Man found beheaded behind N.M. Walmart
  • Alan Thicke’s wife speaks of wrenching sadness
  • 10 cry happy moments from pop culture in 2016
  • Cops release footage of NFL’er DUI arrest
  • At Craig Sager’s funeral, garish replaces black
  • 2 wanted in Mississippi pawn shop deaths
  • Dreamcatchers full of meth seized at border
  • Lawyer: Appalled by FBI warrant that shook Clinton

Just look at those headlines. You can say what you want, but we live in a pretty messed up world.


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