Stupidity In The Washington State Legislature

I know that I do not live in Washington. The only time that I did, I was stationed at Ft. Lewis. I also believe that most people in the state are sane and take a pragmatic view of the world. But there are at least 3 legislators that are a fine example of stupidity. And I believe that they don’t even know it.

Why would I say those things?

Have any of these idiots seen what goes on at a NFL stadium? Fights, pushing, taunts, cheap shots, drinking, and people who think being there means that they don’t have to take responsibility. And those are just the paying fans. So the fact that these three twits have decided that they want to allow people with concealed weapons permits to bring in firearms to arenas and stadiums to watch games can be described as a fucking idiotic move. Christ, you are asking for 350 people to die during a three hour football game. And that is a conservative estimate. You get guns at a Cowboys-Redskins or a Raiders-Chargers game and half the players might be casualties.

The only way that you could do this is to change the culture of America. Make the culture one that comes down hard on violence with weapons. And I don’t mean the stand your ground crap. There would be no stand your ground. No feeling that the person that you shot dead made you fear for your life unless there is no escape, and that means every exit for you is blocked except going right through that individual. And if he doesn’t have a firearm, have fun in your State Pen except in rare circumstances.

I am tired of these No Limits on the 2nd Amendment, but there has to be limits on the other Rights in the Constitution. Decide whether or not there are limits to every right or not. And if there is not, then where do your rights end and the next person’s rights begin? Until people like these three representatives decide on that question, they need to stop with the stupid bills.


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