Increase the Marginal Tax Rate And Cut Spending To Eliminate The Deficit

With tax reform coming down the pike from the Trump Administration, we are hearing that middle class income tax cuts are coming. And of course with them, comes the financial bonanza of the tax cuts for the higher levels of income. And while I do identify myself as a Democrat, I am not a spend to the moon Democrat. Some programs need to be reformed, some need to disappear, and some need to continue as it has been in the past. But this tax cut should be scrapped.

Here are some highlights using the Federal Individual Marginal Tax Rates for selected years, adjusted for inflation according to 2012 dollars (all tax rates using single person unless annotated):

The lowest rate is 20%. $0-$19053 in income gets you that rate. $50,000 in income gets you a 26% tax rate. $100,000 in income gets you a 38% tax rate. $250,000 is a 62% tax rate. $500,000 is a 75% tax rate. $1,000,000 is a 89% tax rate. And finally an income of $1,905,344 is in the 91.0% tax rate. In 1950, the American debt is $256 Billion.

20% is the lowest tax rate. To get into that rate, you earn less than $15,513. $50,000 is a 30% tax rate. $100,000 is a 43% tax rate. $250,000 is a 65% tax rate. $500,000 is an 81% tax rate. $1,000,000 is a 89% tax rate and finally, a 91% tax rate for people earning over $1,551,311. So from 1950 to 1960, the tax rates have gone up on people. And yet, many people remember those years as a golden age for America. In 1960 the debt is $290 Billion. Only $34 Billion in debt is accumulated. But yet, we aren’t trying to close that gap.

A 14% tax rate for people who earn under $2,959. $50,000 is a 28% tax rate. $100,000 is a 42% tax rate. $250,000 is a 58% tax rate. $500,000 is a 68% tax rate. Anybody earning over $591,737 is in the 70% tax rate. Less tax rate levels and the people earning huge amounts of money get the tax cuts. Not saying that it wasn’t needed, but in reality, the huge income earners were catered to in this decade. National Debt is $380 Billion. The $90 Billion in debt that was added in the past decade isn’t worried about and taxes are cut. Cutting spending isn’t a viable political option.

No income taxes if you make under $6,409. $50,000 is a 30% tax rate. $100,000 is a 49% tax rate. $250,000 is a 68% tax rate. Income over $301,760 is in the 70% tax bracket. Tax rates actually rose during the decade. Yes, there was a energy crisis and the Cold War was in full effect, but we effectively raised taxes during the decade. The National Debt is now $909 Billion. The energy crisis of the 70’s and the political turmoil of the Cold War are looked at as the major factors. But yet, still hardly anyone on both sides of the political spectrum are worried about the increase of the debt.

A 15% tax rate if you earn under $34,167. 28% tax rate if you earned over $34,167. (A 33% Bubble Rate for people that earned $44,900 and $93,130 to recapture the revenue from upper-income taxpayers had saved by applying the 15% tax rate). The 80’s were a great decade for tax cuts. In 1982, the top tax bracket went from 70% to 50%. In 1987, the top tax rate went from 50% to 38.5%. In 1988, the bubble rate was instituted and the top rate went from 38.5% to 28%. Here you have the makings of deficit spending. Tax revenue is going down just due to the cutting of the top tax rates. The government is still spending more and more to subsidize programs, businesses, and individuals. In 1990, the debt has exploded to $3.2 Trillion. So during the Reagan years and his fiscally great administration, the debt more than tripled. And yet, we hear about how unfair the tax system is but nothing from the people that would become deficit hawks.

A 15% tax rate if you earn less than $34,999. A 28% tax rate for those that earn $50,000. $100,000 in income is a 31% tax rate. A 36% tax rate for those that make $250,000. Over $384,457 in income gets a 39.6% tax rate. In 1991, congress added the 31% tax rate. In 1993, the 36% and 39.6% tax rates were added. The additional tax rates were added in the hopes that it would help increase revenues to combat the deficit. Didn’t really help. But it did give political talking points to those who whine about the tax rates going up and the need to slash government programs. The debt is totally out of control now. It is up to $5.6 Trillion. This is funny. Basically the one President that held office for most of these years and vilified by the GOP for his economic policies and sticking cigars and his mole ridden penis where they shouldn’t be, did not even double the National debt. It is still a serious even perilous problem, but at least the growth of the debt is slowing down.

A 10% tax rate if you make under $8,818. 25% tax rate if you make $50,000. 28% if you make $100,000. 33% if you make $250,000. 35% if you make over $393,421. In 2001, the tax rates were cut by 0.5%. In 2003, the tax brackets were changed to 6 brackets and lowered by at least 2%. In a decade, the amount of marginal income taxes you pay have decreased by 3%. What that means is that the government is taking in less than what was expected and yet inflation is going up. Prices for upkeep are going up, and more deficit spending. More stupidity by our elected leaders. $13.5 Trillion is the debt now. Basically we ran up the debt 2.5 times during the decade. Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan help with that. A severe depression starting in 2006 also cause economic problems for the country. And the deficit hawks are mostly silent when these things are going on. Imagine that, politicians looking out for their own political careers.

The same rates and basically the same amount of income to qualify for those rates. The debt is $16.7 Trillion. The economy is out of freefall. The war on Terror is in it’s second decade and will never end. Reforms seem to be what can help one party or the other. The debt is projected to be $22.4 Trillion in 2020. Nobody is being serious about trying to slow that down. Each political party is entrenched in their decades old rhetoric on how to stop the debt from growing. But neither is right.

People are arguing that we need to cut the rates. OK. Here is what I am going to say. Take a look at what is happening. The government is spending more than it takes in. I think that everybody can agree on that. The question is how we can eliminate $500 Billion per year from the federal budget. That is tough. 7% of the FY18 spending is on interest of our debt, so that cannot shrink. 25% of FY18 spending is on pensions that have been promised. We need to stand by our word. That hurts our ability to spread around spending reductions.

It is estimated that we will spend $1.21 Trillion on medical care in FY18. That is 28% of the budget. Some sort of reform is needed here. We need to figure out how to cut $200 Billion from this budget. And yes, I know that is going to hurt services available to people. And yes, I understand that it will hurt rural areas more acutely than urban areas. But if you are serious about reducing the debt, you cannot grow the economy fast enough to catch up with the spending that the country is doing. So we need to find areas to cut. Here is one of those areas. Prescription drug negotiations for Medicare and Medicaid should be happening for the government. Cut the growth for reimbursement spending, so that stays at the same level. And yes, that is a cut in spending, not just holding the costs the same. Prices go up and you pay the same amount, you are cutting the costs of your spending.

Another place where we could cut spending is the military. Let’s be honest. China is the 2nd largest spending country on their military and they are at about $500 Billion. The United States is at $880 Billion. We all know that there is waste in this budget. I wouldn’t cut it to the bone, but eliminate $130 Billion from the defense budget to get it down to around $750 Billion per year. If a service says that they don’t want a weapons system like the F-35 or the Osprey, then stop spending on it. The Military Industrial Complex gets way too much money for political reasons. We can eliminate some of that waste and actually to some cost analysis for what we need to have on the battlefield. 21% of our budget is spent on defense. President Trump has said that NATO members are now spending 2% of their GDP on defense, so we should be able to cut back a little bit there. Close a couple more bases in Europe. That helps eliminate spending on things that we do not need.

So if we find the savings in those two budgets that I have pointed out, we are spending $330 Billion less than what is in the budget. We have already addressed over 75% of the budget. Next up is Welfare. I do agree that there has to be some reforms, but not draconian measures. The budget calls for $400 Billion to be spent on Welfare. The future projects that the government will spend more on welfare. So we need to have less spending on welfare in the future. That is where the economy can help. If it continues to grow, eventually the spending on Welfare will decrease. But we would cut Welfare spending by 10%. That means $40 Billion would be saved. And yes, people will feel the crunch that are on welfare. But we need to all feel the pain of stopping the debt from growing larger.

We are at $370 Billion in savings. If we stop now, the debt only grows by about $150 Billion per year. But let’s not do this half-assed. Let’s go all the way like the deficit hawks want. Next up is Education spending. At 3% of the total budget, it receives $120 Billion. If the GOP had it’s way, this would become $0. And we would save $120 Billion and almost balance the budget. We know that would be a bad idea. But let’s trim $12 Billion off the budget and find areas where we can save money like eliminating any federal money to going to charter schools. You want your child to go to a charter school, pay for it out of your own pocket. The public school systems of most states need help and any money being siphoned off of that problem just hurts everybody. So with the $12 Billion in savings, we are at $388 Billion. Still need $112 Billion to balance the budget.

And finally here is the point of the post. Increase the marginal tax rates of individuals. A millionaire is not going to miss a little bit of money that needs to go towards taxes. And in conjunction with that, eliminate the special tax rates for investment income and the special tax breaks for corporations. Let me put it this way. If you bring in $1,000,000 in income for a year, you are charged 35% at the current time. That is $350,000 for your marginal tax rate. If you change it to 37%, that is an increase of $20,000 in taxes for them. In 2015, there were 500,000 people in the United States that had an annual income of a million dollars or more. So if you take the 500,000 people that have an income of a Million or more and multiply that by the $20,000 tax increase I would propose to try and balance the budget, you would get 500,000 X $20,000 or $10 Billion.

Increase the tax rate on the $500,000 income earners by 1% or to 36%. There are 1.4 Million people that earn that annual income. That is an extra $14 Billion in tax revenue a year that would help with the deficit.

With just those 2 small adjustments we raise $24 Billion in revenue. With that extra revenue, combined with the cuts that I would make we are at $88 Billion for the deficit in FY18.

If you increase the rest of the marginal income tax rates nominally, you can have the deficit eliminated or it become so small that if the economy does pick up like the politicians have promised, then you could actually start paying off some of the deficit. You would spend less than the previous amount on subsequent interest payments. Imagine that. The future would look better for America and your children. The economic uncertainty would be lessened and then finally people would feel better about their future. You can believe in an America that looks like it’s best days are ahead of it. That is how you get the American people to start believing in their leaders again, not by the bluster that they spew.

The National GOP Needs To Talk To Democrats About Healthcare

Earlier today, the AHCA was pulled from consideration on the House floor. Republicans did not have the votes to pass the measure. And yet, instead of going maybe we should look at other alternatives, we have our fearless leader stating that Democrats own Healthcare and that he will wait until Americans experience pain from the ACA and then will get a better bill passed. Nice. Let’s let more Americans have difficulties with healthcare instead of swallowing the pride and actually reaching out to the opposing party and talk to them.

The AHCA was going to be a cluster anyway that you sliced it. You had a provision stating that you could purchase plans across state lines, but you also had a provision stating that states could state what those plans needed to cover. You had Phase II that would have eliminated all the requirements that the plans had to carry per federal law and would put people that had conditions in one pool which would be hyperinflated with prices and another for those that had said that nothing was wrong with them.

The way to fix or make the ACA better is for those in power in Washington (Republicans) to talk to those in the Democratic Party. Democrats have said that they would like to try and fix the ACA. So the onus is on the Republicans to talk to those who have said that they would like to try and fix the ACA. See what common ground is there to help reign in costs. And no, including over $300 Billion in Tax Cuts isn’t fixing the problems for those covered.

Look at what the ACA exchanges did for West Virginia and Kentucky. People really liked what the programs did there. Why not figure out how to do that on a federal level? Since it seems like the GOP cannot repeal the ACA, why not work to make it work better. Like Paul Ryan has concluded, even if a bill isn’t perfect, we must pass a good bill. So fix the law that helped millions of people obtain health insurance and did slow the rate of growth for medical spending. Otherwise, each and every Republican who doesn’t want to help those people that need the ACA just proves that the GOP cares about power only.

I Agree With Rob Port About The Need To Diversify The Media

Rob Port over at the Say Anything Blog (@robport) on twitter or wants the National media to be more diversified. On this, I agree with him. I believe that the national media should be more diversified. I also believe that the regional and local media should be more diversified as well. I agree with him that every article or story written has a purpose to influence you and that it might not be trying to persuade you to the political bent that you subscribe to. But where I disagree with Rob is the lack of Conservative voices out there.

Go to talk radio. Dominated by conservatives. Look at newspapers, dominated by conservatives. Look at TV. It does lean more centrist, but it is becoming more and more conservative. Why? Because the conservatives have had a better messaging product for the past 30 years than the Democrats. And yet we hear about the Elite Liberal Media. Why? Because it is always better to say that there is a bad thing causing you problems instead of telling people that are listening to you that they might have a bad idea that they are cling to.

Where I live now, it is deeply Red. Actual Liberal news doesn’t make it here. The national broadcasts aren’t Liberal, no matter what anybody tells you. I see commercials every night to tell my Congressperson that they need to support our current President. I see commercials on my TV, that we need to eliminate the forces of evil to let our current President Make America Great Again. On the local news, I hear about why the Farm Bill needs to pass and why we need the Ethanol tax break. I also hear about how businesses need tax breaks to survive. Doesn’t sound Liberal to me. In fact, it sounds Conservative to me. Why isn’t the question about how we diversify the local and regional media? Or how about where are the actual left-wing talking points in the news?

I am still waiting for a broadcast news story about how the American people need Unions to make a comeback. Or how we need to ensure that each and every worker needs a 30 hour work week or that Universal Healthcare is a God-given right. Then I will listen to how the national media is Liberal. But if you believe that the media is Liberal, then you have bought the talking points of Republicans. But you are not facing facts.

Why I Cannot Join The Conservative Movement

I grew up in a conservative household. Both my mother and father are conservative. My grandparents on my fathers side were conservative. My brother and sister are conservative. Me? No. Why? I believe that I ask too many questions and get tired of the hypocrisy. And before you go, there is hypocrisy on the left, let me tell you this: I know. There is hypocrisy all along the political views. But I grew up in a home where the conservative viewpoint was preached and that is the view I identified with. It also made me the most disgusted with the right leaning politicians here in the United States.

One particular thought that is liked throughout the conservatives here in the United States is that we need to drug test any person who is getting welfare. Because anybody that is getting welfare is living high on the hog and spending all their money they get from the government on drugs and booze. Great. let’s save some money by kicking the drug users off welfare. In fact, if you want to save the government money, then anybody that gets government money needs to be tested. And since the Supreme Court has said that U.S. Corporations have the same rights as individuals, they also need to be drug tested. How? Everybody on the Board of Directors of a Corporation that receives money from the U.S. Government takes a drug test. So let’s say that Halliburton gets a new government contract. The Board of Directors all take the same drug test that a woman in Plano, TX takes when receiving her welfare money. If one member of the Board is found to have drugs in their system, the Corporation defaults on the contract and is not eligible for anymore government contracts for 4 years. Might cause some problems for corporations that continuously have people going to rehab on their boards. But it would help get rid of some problems for the people.

Another is taxes. We need to cut taxes so low that businesses can reinvest their capital as well as wealthy individuals. So goes the thought process of the right. It would cause massive growth and everybody will be able to rise. Excuse me as I go puke. The one shining example of how the conservatives want America to be as a nation can be found in Kansas. Yes, that Kansas. The one that said that businesses didn’t have to pay income taxes. The one that cut taxes and said that would fix the budget deficit that the state ran because of all the investment that would come into the state and by the reinvestment of profits from the businesses already in the state. The one that is now trying to figure out how to fund their schools, their roads, the actual state government. The state where the GOP runs the statehouse and wants to start passing tax increases. Tax Cuts favor the rich. And we continue to see that it doesn’t matter how much money you have in savings when you live comfortably. Once you have made it to that level, then you just like for it to accumulate. There was an article in Forbes, I believe a couple of years ago that interviewed Millionaires. The overwhelming thought coming out of that article is that the Millionaires thought that they were being squeezed by the government because the people that were richer than them were making more money than they were and they were getting more tax breaks than they were. So they wanted better tax breaks for them so they could accumulate wealth. Mind you, these people are already millionaires. That means that they had over 1 Million Dollars in wealth. And they could invest in many things. But they were more worried about getting more. Tells you what tax cuts do. Allow people to be hoarders.

And let’s talk about Trumpcare for a minute. They are floating that people will get a tax break to purchase health insurance. Let me ask you something. If you make $25,000 a year, do you think that you will get the same amount of a tax break as someone who makes $100,000 or $200,000 a year? I’ll give you a second to think about it. Time’s up. We all know that the answer is no. So if you are a working class shlub at a Target, you might get a $500 tax break to purchase insurance. For those on Wall Street, you will be looking at a 5 digit tax break. More give to the rich and to hell with 99% of the people.

Next, let’s talk religion. Here, I will make a concession to conservatives. I will call those who follow Islam and attack Americans because of their religion Islamic Extremists as long as those who follow Christianity and attack others including Americans because of their Christian beliefs are labeled Christian Extremists. Call a Spade a Spade. I have read both the Bible and the Koran due to my job in the military. It is funny that both religions believe in the Abrahamic god, and that both religions mirror each other so closely. Anyways, it is real easy to be Christian. You can commit any foul crimes in your life and in some of the sects, as long as you repent on your deathbed, you are going to heaven. Kill a doctor because he performs abortions, you are going to heaven, even though you broke one of the 10 Commandments that were handed down from the Almighty proper. You know those commandments. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet. Those 10 things. But as long as you repent before you die and accept Jesus Christ as your lord, you are forgiven for all your sins. Even if you break all 10 Commandments. Perfect for today’s wanna be religious person. So fuck it, live a nasty, filthy, cheating life. Just make sure you repent before you die. The Pearly Gates are within your grasp.

Those are just 3 things that prevent me from embracing the conservative viewpoint. There is more like abortion, scope of government, even the function of government. The ultimate ends of conservatism for government is either fascism or anarchy. If conservatives were being truthful, they would admit that they are socialists just like Democrats. And that they break the Constitution just like liberals. Is the Constitution a living document like the Citizens United decision made it giving Corporations rights like people, or is it a document that we need to follow the exact wording like we live in the late 1700’s when discussing the 2nd Amendment? Until conservatives can at least figure out those hypocritical viewpoints, I cannot even imagine calling myself a conservative.

Why the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines are the wrong pipelines

Over the past couple of years, the United States has had a controversy over oil pipelines and what they mean for the people, country and environment. Conservatives want to drill and utilize the crude because this is the best way to produce energy, renewables be damned, while progressives want to eliminate the use of oil and go purely with renewable sources. Neither way is the correct way if you actually look at the situation and these two pipelines show why.

Personally, I would love to go straight renewables, but realize that is a pie in the sky proposition right now. We still need fossil fuels for energy. So I understand why we want to utilize the shale and oil found throughout our country. We need to continue to bring our own oil out of the ground and refine it. That is a fact of the way that we live. However, we continue to be shortsighted in how we decide to run our fossil fuel industry.

Why are we sending unrefined crude that we find in the Dakotas and Alberta to Louisiana? The oil companies still claim that the refinery capacity there is at maximum. So the crude going down there will in part be exported to other countries to be refined and then imported back into the United States at more of a cost to the American people. And the people that aren’t upset about that are the same people since 9/11 have said that America needs to be energy independent. Well, sending your crude to be refined in Iceland, Greenland, or any other place besides the United States doesn’t bring us energy independence, it just means that we become more dependent on other countries.

I hear from the GOP that regulation has strangled business in America. Here is a chance that they had to deregulate some of the rules they believe are causing problems for America. This would have been business that helped with American energy independence and for more jobs. But they didn’t use any creativity. Why not make the oil business a regional business and build or reopen refineries around the country?

Go to Glendive, MT, head 10 miles North and make plans to build an Oil refinery there. Oh I can hear the screaming of environmentalists by just suggesting to put a refinery there. But they need to get a grip. We need the energy. Energy independence is a viable National Security argument and the way that the world has become for security, it is a subject that we should take seriously. Let’s list what a refinery there would do.

  1. It would help promote said energy independence. A refinery that is closer to the oil fields would cause the efficiency of the energy produced to be greater than having a pipeline to Louisiana.
  2. Jobs. Let’s be honest, the two pipelines that the GOP have argued for provide about 50 full time jobs. An Oil Refinery will produce that amount very easily. And yes, the pipelines getting to the refinery would not provide 50 jobs, but when you have a net positive for jobs in America, I think that is a good thing.
  3. The environment. I know that refining is a dirty process. That there will be pollution. But it would keep a pipeline from being over the underground aquafers in Nebraska. That is a huge problem when it comes into being. We all know that pipelines leak, no matter where they are. The Aquafers help our farmers in the plains states. Why would we want to taint a water source? Water is a precious commodity, even more than money. So wouldn’t the trade off of protecting those Aquafers against a refinery that keeps the pipelines to a minimum be a good thing?
  4. The economy. If you have a refinery that makes gasoline and other petroleum products for a region of the country or does just one type of gasoline, like winter blend fuel, then the refining capacity you already have can be more year around for other blends of fuel. That in turn brings down prices of fuel. That in turn causes other things to be cheaper like shipping of items. More items are purchased, and the economy gets a boost. And that means that the true economy gets better, not just the people who already have money in the bank. This isn’t trickle-down economics here. This is the tried and true way of building an economy.

An oil refinery in Eastern Montana could provide fuel to the Northern Plains, the Northern Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Northwest. Lower costs to refine the crude and possibly lower costs to the consumers. I think that this is the best way for the oil business to be brought up to date in how we do business.

Trump’s Muslim Ban Meme

I just read a meme on Facebook that I shook my head at. Here is what it said:

Here are some FACTS about “TRUMP’S MUSLIM BAN”

  1. It’s not a “BAN.” It is a 120 day suspension in the processing of visas, intended to give the government time to emplace better vetting procedures.
  2. It’s not directed at “MUSLIMS”. It is directed at all individuals, Muslim or Non-Muslim, from 7 dedicated countries. Approximately 90% of the World’s Muslims are totally unaffected.
  3. The countries were not put on a list by Trump. In fact, these countries were designated by the Obama Administration…

Three Words – Three Lies

But let’s not let the facts get in the way of being outraged!


There is so much wrong here. Let me start with one that I am confused about. The 3 words – 3 lies thing. What 3 words? What 3 lies? If you read all 3 statements, you understand that #1 is a big lie. #2 is a lie due to the exceptions carved out of the ban. #3 I can’t label as truth or a lie, but given the current Administration’s penchant for alternative facts, I lean towards a lie. Now let me explain why the statements are lies.

#1. The President called it a “Muslim Ban.” So why not take him at his word. Hell, Rudy Guiliani said that the President wanted to pass a Muslim ban but wanted it to be legal like. But yet that isn’t why #1 is a lie. People who have valid Green Cards and other visas to get into the country were harassed, detained, and turned away in our nation’s airports. That is not a suspension in the processing of visas. That is denying people from those 7 countries entry into the country. They have went through at least 18 months of investigation and scrutiny to live here. If you want additional security information on people from various countries, great. But the fact that they decided to ignore the rights of those who should have been allowed to come into the country without harassment and in the case of one person that claims that the turning away of people caused his mother to die due to the fact she couldn’t get into the United States for life saving surgery is one big fat lie about “suspending the processing of visas”. The visas had already been given.

#2. Read the Executive Order. There are exceptions for Christians and other minorities. So, it is not directed at all individuals. And the fact that President Trump has also said that they would be willing to issue more executive orders for countries that they want to do more intrusive vetting and all information points towards other Muslim countries doesn’t make me feel like it is directed towards countries that need it like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. How about putting a couple of those more extreme vetting proposals towards Russia who at least tried to play a part in the 2016 Presidential election and towards Israel who has had more spies caught spying on the United States over the past decade than any other country?

#3. So now we are going put this at the feet of President Obama. I think not. Growing up in South Dakota, I heard from the politicians here and the general public about “personal responsibility”. A woman gets pregnant, she needs to take personal responsibility for her actions and have the child. A young person gets in trouble with student debt, they need to take personal responsibility for signing the loan papers and work harder to make those payments. A President signs an Executive Order, they need to take personal responsibility. President Trump signed the order, he needs to take ownership for everything that happens because of that action.

But let’s not let facts get in the way of the Alt-Right propaganda that we are supposed to swallow and not question. Because living in the real world has become something that not enough people are doing.



News is all about bad things

It is just past midnight on December 21st, and I just clicked on the USA Today website to look at the headlines, and I just shook my head. Looking at the headlines, here is what I saw:

  • Berlin attack latest in disturbing terror trend
  • Mexico is in mourning: 29 dead, 50 hurt after fireworks blast
  • Body found believed to be of ex-Bridalplasty contestant
  • He said he planned to kill Trump. But someone else died.
  • How Idaho football player became a bank robber
  • Man found beheaded behind N.M. Walmart
  • Alan Thicke’s wife speaks of wrenching sadness
  • 10 cry happy moments from pop culture in 2016
  • Cops release footage of NFL’er DUI arrest
  • At Craig Sager’s funeral, garish replaces black
  • 2 wanted in Mississippi pawn shop deaths
  • Dreamcatchers full of meth seized at border
  • Lawyer: Appalled by FBI warrant that shook Clinton

Just look at those headlines. You can say what you want, but we live in a pretty messed up world.